What is the INF.PL?

Low-cost self-advertisment web-platform
for any type of business

  • Easy to install, easy to operate – a perfect solution for small-medium enterprises
  • No investments, no additional services.
  • For all type of shops, restaurants, pubs, pharmacies, groceries, etc

Tool to enhance your
Customers’ experience

  • Automatical presentation of the shop web page once the Customer is inside the Shop
  • Location-based marketing – special deals for customers nearby the shop

Tool which brings Customers and shop
owners closer to each other

  • Personal notepad for Customers to memorize places worth visiting
  • Special channel of communication between the Shop and the Customer

How does it work?


Shop owner installs yBeacons inside the shop

yBeacon – an advertisement device working
as a Bluetooth Low Energy device

Customer’s smartphone recognises yBeacon
as an Internet of Things device

It can automatically redirect the Customer
to the shop web page


Mobile application inf.pl provides the Customer
with shop specific actions

Mobile app inf.pl installed on the customers’ smartphone
provides a shop specific actions such as a shop products page,
a pricing or menu list, a special offer coupon or
other promotional messages.

What does the Shop owner need to do?


Register yourself in INF.PL portal

  • Create a unique account, provide the Shop related information

Order an yBeacons set for the Shop

  • We recommend one yBeacon for every area of size of ca. 100 square meters
  • Together with the yBeacon you will receive an informational brochure and info stickers

Define promotion/advertisement actions linked to your yBeacon

  • Link your yBeacons with your home page URL address, social media account or simply define your own promotional messages

Fix yBeacons to the wall inside your place (a restaurant, a shop, an office, ...)

  • Put yBeacons in a well visible place (e.g. on the wall or on the ceiling, ...)
  • Put brouchers and stickers in a well visible place (at the entrance, at the cashier desk, ...)

Start self-advertisment and location-based marketing

  • Ask your customers to download the ‚inf.pl’ mobile app
  • Observe statistics available on your account on the INF.PL portal

What does the Customer need to do?


Customers smartphone recognises the yBeacon

  • The yBeacon placed in the Shop is reconised as an IoT device
  • The Web page assosiated with the yBeacon can be automatically presented to the Customer

Shops Customer downloads a mobile application inf.pl

  • It works like a personal notepad for a commercial places worth visiting
  • The App allows to memorize any interesting place
    • automatically based on the yBeacon recognition or
    • based on current GPS location

Customer receives advertisement messages from the shop

  • The Customer can get special promotion messages from the Shop
  • If the Customer is nearby the Shop a special „location-based” message can be sent

Customer opens the shop specific web-page once is inside your place

  • Based on the yBeacon installed in your place Customer receives personalised information
  • The shop specific web-page (e.g. a product list, an offer list, a pricing list, ...) is presented to the Customer